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Statue Commissioning Started!

From the very beginning of our campaign, we were contacted by sculptors and artists excited at the opportunity to create a suitable representation of Jack. At the end of last year we threw out an invitation to any other prospective sculptors to express an interest.

Artwork by Rob Bullen

We have been delighted by the strong response, and have a large, diverse and talented pool to choose from! As promised, we have written to all potential candidates with set questions and selected criteria, in order that we can choose a “long-list”. The selection process will then continue, as we progress, together with our key partners and Jack’s family, to making the difficult final decision for the Jack Leslie Statue.

Ideally, we would still like to aim for completion of this project by the end of this year, the centenary of Jack arriving in Plymouth from Barking, but our main aim is to ensure a statue of suitable quality, so we will work with our successful candidate to confirm a realistic timetable, based on experience and factoring in the current pandemic. 

We have required all answers to our preliminary brief and questionnaire to be received by 05 March.


We do not have a specific pose in mind, but the campaign and Jack’s family do want to represent him as a player and legend of Plymouth Argyle. This will be a representation of Jack to be mounted on a plinth. Indeed, the plinth and surround are almost of equal importance as the statue.

Firstly, we want to tell Jack’s story – to remember the injustice – but also to celebrate his achievements. Secondly, we need to recognise those who have made significant contributions, making the statue possible, ensuring that it can enhance the overall concept without detracting from the sculpture. 

The location will be outside Home Park, Plymouth Argyle’s stadium. It must be able to stand the test of time and become an iconic piece of art for the club and city.

(Our prospective artists have then been set 7 questions, covering past experience, design ideas, budget, process, inclusivity and more)


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Campaign Co-founders Matt and Greg continue to learn about statues. Greg is blogging about some of his statue visits here. Below: Matt visits the Mary Seacole statue in London

Below: Another artist impression of a Jack Leslie statue, this time by Martin Rawson (image copyrighted)