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Black History Month 2023: School Competition


Jack Leslie was the first black footballer to be selected to play for England back in 1925, but was not allowed to play because he was black. In 2020 the Jack Leslie Campaign was launched to tell his story, in 2022 a statue of Jack was unveiled in Plymouth, and in 2023 the FA awarded Jack’s family an honorary cap. Read more on the campaign website  (Please also watch Timeline video on homepage)

For Black History Month, we have launched Three Competitions- aimed at (but not exclusively for) years 6, 7 and 8. (See more about our offerings for Black History Month here)

1 (Art/Technical Design) : Design a Campaign Logo!

Design a logo that represents the Jack Leslie Campaign. Can be purely artistic/graphic or can incorporate letters. (it may be helpful for pupils to look at other  logos/emblems for examples)

2 (English/History) : Write a poem or short piece about Jack Leslie.

Check out the spoken word piece about Jack written and performed by spoken word artist Big Scoop last year 

When Big Scoop wrote that piece, the FA had not yet confirmed the award of an honorary cap.

Write your own piece, including a reference to the FA awarding an honorary England cap this year. 

This can be written in any format-poetry, prose, journalistic, or as if for a “spoken word”, song lyric, or rap performance.

3 (Drama/Music) : perform a short piece about Jack Leslie

As (2) above, but a filmed recital (poem, spoken word, music) Can be individual or collaborative, but short is preferable and absolute limit of 2 mins max. 


Selected contributions may be posted on our website, and/or circulated on our social media. Submission confirms consent for distribution unless requested otherwise. For safeguarding, contributors will be identified by first name and school/year group only (or by initials if preferred) eg “Alice from Barking School,  year 7”.

Submissions must be submitted via a contributing school not by individual entrants. 

The Campaign judging panel will announce and certify winner/winners at competition end. Deadline for submission: 08/11/2023

Note for teachers- please pre-select the best entries and send from school to Maximum 3 entries per class per category.

Any enquiries contact