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Jack Leslie in Black History Month

The Jack Leslie Campaign hit its original fundraising target and has secured enough money to ensure there will be a statue of Jack Leslie outside Home Park. However, fundraising continues, as we seek to deliver the best possible statue.

In addition to installing a statue, the aims and objectives of the campaign include telling the Jack Leslie story, and using his story to challenge prejudice and discrimination. Although we are committed to those objectives throughout the year, there is no doubt that Black History Month (October) has triggered renewed interest in Jack Leslie and the Campaign. We set out below how we are responding to that interest.

Jack Leslie-part of black history

Jack Leslie played professional football in the 1920s/30s, and for much of that time was the only black player in the league and became, we believe, the first black footballer to captain a professional team (Plymouth Argyle).

Jack was the first black footballer to be selected to play for England (1925) but then denied his opportunity to play. He really is part of black history and is one of many figures whose story should have been recognised sooner. At last people are learning about figures like Jack Leslie who were significant in their time, who sufferered injustices and were later forgotten. And, although the treatment he received by the England selection committee would not happen today, racism in football persists. These are the type of issues that our campaign reflects and challenges.

For Schools 

We are happy to engage with schools presenting the Jack Leslie story as part of an assembly, delivered remotely. 

For Businesses

We are able to present at corporate level, as a discussion platform for companies who are interested in engaging with black history month. We are booked for presentations with the Crown Prosecution Service, Environment Agency, and local businesses. Our presentations are interactive, and challenging but fun. Contact us for details!

For Football Clubs

There are still issues of discrimination and inequality throughout society and sport, from the professional level to grassroots. We are happy to engage with and present to football clubs.

For the Community

We are working on some exciting projects with The Box, Plymouth , and with the Argyle Community Trust – details to follow soon!

For Sponsors

To allow us to present the Jack Leslie story, and interact with schools and organisations, we need specific funding, and are happy to work with companies interested in sponsoring our work. Get in touch! 

For further detail, contact:

Greg Foxsmith, 07980846330

Matt Tiller, 07887616408