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Linda Gilroy’s Photo of Michael Foot has been auctioned for the Jack Leslie Campaign!

This photograph is of Michael Foot, former leader of the Labour Party, sitting for a portrait for renowned artist Robert Lenkiewicz. The photo was taken circa 2001 by Labour MP, Linda Gilroy who served as the Member of Parliament for Plymouth Sutton from 1997 to 2010. 

It is one of only 2 prints of the photograph currently in existence, of which no more than a maximum of 20 copies will ever be reproduced. 

The photograph, kindly given to the campaign by Linda Gilmore, was auctioned on eBay ( here) and raised over £250 for the Campaign!

The painting, unfinished at the time of the artist’s death, was acquired by the House of Commons Art Commission and displayed in Portcullis House London (detail here)

The original photograph itself was exhibited in 2001 as part of an exhibition of photographs taken by MPs, originally in Westminster & later touring the country. 

The image captures Michael Foot sporting the green and black scarf of his beloved home-town team Plymouth Argyle. It shows him sitting in Robert Lenkiewicz’s atmospheric studio in the historic Barbican area of Plymouth, amongst the artist’s other works. It also captures the canvass that Lekiewicz was working on. A piece of art in it’s own right, it captures the artist’s process as well as the effervescent nature of the late great Michael Foot. 

The rear of the frame is signed by Linda Gilroy, to whom the Campaign expresses it’s grateful thanks.


If you have something you wish to donate for the Campaign to raise funds, please get in touch via the website. Follow @JackLeslieCamp and @LeslieRaffle on twitter for details of future sales.

CURRENT RAFFLE – England top signed by Ian Wright-tickets £2- draw on 1st August- detail here


Liverpool shirt, signed by the current champions!

Art-work donated by high-end street artist ANON !

The big one- final raffle with mega prizes!

Newsletter May/June 2020

Hello and I Hope You Are Well, Safe & Sane!

At this extraordinary, and sometimes polarising, time in our history with such a focus on monuments, it is great to be campaigning to build something positive with an anti-racist message at its heart.

We not only want to build a statue as a memorial to Jack Leslie, but also use his story to celebrate diversity and combat racism. We’ve updated our home page with our Aims & Objectives to say just that.

We’ve also just published some FAQs in case you have any… and do get in touch if you have any other questions, suggestions or offers of help.

And, of course, we welcome donations and we’ve had a flurry in the last few days. We are still very mindful of the current situation and won’t be launching in earnest until football returns to normal. But to all those who have so far, thank you. It really is appreciated and will help us get off to a flyer when the Crowdfunder finally goes live. 

TO DONATE CLICK HERE – We need to raise at least £100,000. Sounds daunting, but we know we can do it with your help.

Please do VISIT THE WEBSITE for updated information on the campaign, the team and see our growing list of key supporters. What else have we been up to? 

  • Had very fruitful discussions with the team at Plymouth Argyle who are supportive and will be crucial in helping us fundraise. 
  • Welcomed Amanda Jacks from the Football Supporters Association on to our committee. The FSA will help us get our message out there and may also provide additional funding to help us spread Jack’s story. 
  • If you have signed up in the last month or so you can see more of our activities in the last newsletter – 

How else can you help?

  • We are always keen to add to our list of high profile supporters so if you know of anyone who might be interested then put us in touch!
  • If you know any businesses who may want to help and get involved in some way then do put them in touch. 
  • We are keen to expand our network. We need people with time and energy, particularly with skills in marketing, promotion, fundraising and social media campaigns. Do get in touch if you are interested.

If you are a Plymouth Argyle fan (as many of you are!) then you will be celebrating promotion! It’s been a very odd time in football and commiserations if it hasn’t worked out for your team. We’ve been enjoying Rob Bullen’s Argyle ‘Fat Lady Sings’ cartoon updates through the EFL decision making process and Rob has also drawn these brilliant pictures of Jack. Find him @robbybullen on Twitter. 

So, as we continue to prepare the ground for our launch, we wanted to thank you for getting on board and following our progress. Do encourage others to sign up, donate if you can and spread the word on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Thank you.

The Jack Leslie Campaign Team 

Newsletter – April 2020

If you subscribe to the newsletter you’ll be kept up to date with progress with a regular, but not too frequent, bulletin. Here’s April’s…

Hello and Thank You!

We just wanted to show our gratitude for getting on board early and let you know what we’re doing here at The Jack Leslie Campaign. Here’s the key stuff…

  • It’s a very difficult time, so we totally understand if you can’t donate right now. But if you can, it will really help us reach our target and get Jack’s statue built…TO DONATE CLICK HERE.
  • We’ll need to raise at least £100,000. Yes, it’s a big number but we know it is possible as many other statue campaigns show and are confident that with your help we can do it. 
  • Our campaign will be officially launched on Crowdfunder at an appropriate time when football returns.
  • Please do VISIT THE WEBSITE for updated information on the campaign, the team, key supporters and donation information. 

What have we been up to?

  • Spoken to Jack’s three granddaughters Lyn, Lesley and Gillian who are brilliant and totally behind the effort. They paint a wonderful picture of their granddad who was not only a fantastic footballer but a wonderful man. It has inspired us further to ensure that a fitting memorial is created. 
  • Secured key support from individuals and organisations.
  • Won a place on Crowdfunder’s Big Impact Programme, which will give us help and support to reach our target. 
  • Met (prior to the lockdown!) and spoken to several politicians who will assist in making this happen.

How else can you help?

  • We already have an impressive list of high profile supporters but are keen to attract more – do you know anyone that we might approach for potential support? Please put us in touch!
  • We are keen to expand our network and committee. We need people with time and energy, particularly with skills in marketing, promotion, fundraising, social media campaigns, football, diversity or anti-racism campaign. Interested in helping out? Please let us know!

And, finally… 

This weekend members of Jack’s family were due to visit Home Park as VIP guests in the new boardroom. We were planning to attend and launch our plan to raise funds for a statue. Obviously we are all gutted this is not happening now but are proud of Argyle’s efforts to support the community and the NHS during this crisis.

We hope this visit will happen in the autumn and will be our springboard to launch our official Crowdfunder campaign. 

We really appreciate your time and support. Please donate if you can and spread the word – ask your friends and family to sign up and join us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Thank you.

The Jack Leslie Campaign Team 

How Did It All Begin?

Spring 2019 and the thirtieth birthday of someone my wife worked with a bit. Joe’s a nice guy so we bobbed along to a trendy bar in the kind of hip area of London I’d rarely be seen to toast his significant life achievement. When we got there he was very excited to introduce me to his dad. Now, people don’t often get excited at paternal introductions, but this was different. When someone outside Britain’s Ocean City learns that two people are Plymouth Argyle fans, it seems to generate some kind of hysteria. They are desperate to light the touch paper and watch the sparks(y) fly.

Joe’s dad, Tony Fitz-Gerald is an ebullient character and he immediately launched into the story of Jack Leslie. He was passionate about sharing this piece of history and as soon as he began, I could tell why. Frankly, I was stunned and ashamed that I’d never heard of Jack and his achievements. And the more I listened, the more intrigued I became.

I grew up in the Tommy Tynan era, my interest beginning around the time of Plymouth’s 1984 FA Cup run when they reached the semi-final, a match I desperately wanted to attend but was denied by the cruel, uncaring parents I never forgave… until they bought me a season ticket the next year. My parents are not from Plymouth and not football fans and I think they feared I would be swept up in a tide of violence and be recruited by The Central Element (Plymouth’s hooligan crew who emerged in the mid-eighties). Thankfully, I lack a penchant for thuggery and racism. 

Pull out from Plymouth local paper, The Evening Herald

These were exciting years at the club with a promotion following soon after the FA Cup glory and as a young fan the focus was on the here and now. I knew the odd bit of history — that England striker Paul Mariner had played for us early in his career and that Pele had visited Home Park with his club side Santos and got beat. Take that, you Brazilian show off. You’re no Mickey Evans. But, like most fans it seems, I didn’t delve further back into the archive and the club didn’t showcase it’s rich history. 

That party chat over a beer with Tony continued and he told me about Jack’s England call up and we both wondered whether or not it was an apocryphal tale. Did Jack travel to London only to be turned back when they saw the colour of his skin? Of course, it may not have happened exactly like that but we do know that Jack Leslie was named in the England team but that his name then swiftly disappeared and he never won his cap. Jack himself recalled how the Argyle manager, Bob Jack, told him of his selection and how FA officials then came to have a look at him, ‘not at me football but at me face.’

Tony is a great character and has been full of enthusiasm since we met, sending me links and offering help which has been encouraging and invaluable. Soon after the party I wrote a song about the story – I am a very semi-professional songwriter whose work is mostly comedic (or at least it tries to be) but this serious song seems to sit well. I’ve played it live a few times and audiences are intrigued by the story. One of my biggest (only) fans is Greg Foxsmith, someone I’ve known since childhood and who now chairs PASALB (Plymouth Argyle Supporters Association London Branch). On hearing the story and the song (which will be released to support the campaign, of course), Greg immediately suggested a campaign to build a statue. 

And that’s how it all began.

Since then we have talked to the club and been hugely encouraged by chairman, Simon Hallett, who is as keen to further recognise Jack Leslie’s achievements as we are. We’ve been busy talking to local politicians, key groups such as the PFA, Kick It Out and, most importantly, have now been in touch with Jack’s family. Yesterday I spoke to one of his granddaughters, Lyn, who has already given me a fascinating insight into a man who was, without a doubt, one of the finest players to grace Home Park and an inspiring, charismatic character to grow up with. 

Argyle had planned to host Jack’s family in April and Greg and I were to attend. That is obviously on hold until later in the year. But in the meantime we are working hard to ensure that, when we do launch, our campaign to raise the funds needed for a statue of Jack Leslie is a success. I hope you will join us along the way. Please do let us know if you have any suggestions. We are working through a list of people we know we need to talk to, so if we haven’t got to you yet then do email us.

Thanks Tony. And, most importantly, thanks Jack. I’m sorry this took so long. The recognition you deserve should have happened during your lifetime. 

Matt Tiller