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Thank You

This page is for everyone who has donated the campaign. We have been overwhelmed by the level of your support and positivity. From £1 to those into the thousands You all deserve a mention so here goes…!

These brilliant people contributed before the Crowdfunder kicked off and helped us get off to a flyer. Thanks…

Isabel Forrester, Paul Granville, Ray Stidwell, M Hill, Christopher Pugh, Keith Whitfield, Adrian Jones, Steve Nichols, Andy Reilly, Phil Reilly, Kelly Greenaway (a great, great niece of Jack’s, thanks Kelly!), Natalie Woodd, Kieran Mielek, Anothony Bicknall, Sara Kissack, Joe Fitz-Gerald, John Tookey, Alan Butterworth, Annette Sercombe, Imogen Vilbery, Tom Peterson, Larissa Allam, Dave Harvey, Jon Miller, H. Bradley, Jake Allington, Isobel Stark, Robert Imhof, Clive Turner, Matthew Grahame, Mike Garside, Eric Cook, Peter England, Amanda Bryant, Alan Boyle, Simon Osborne, Kim Monk, Jonathan Bolton, Stewart Young, Lauren Gresty, Christopher Cannan, Mark Bretel, Alex Jackson, Richard & Carol Leppard, Edward Anderson-Bickley, Steve Oaten, Mike Agg, Andy Wilson, James Wills, Robert Furnace, Stuart Dunkeld, Bob Foale, Ty Gooden.